Brown Bengal kittens, silver Bengals, charcoal & snows are available at Exotic Bengals of San Diego.

We Offer A Rainbow of Bengal Colors

Bengal Colors

Bengal Pelt Color: Brown is the traditional Bengal color. It is the most popular and the most common in the Bengal world (though certainly still stunningly unique). This color spectrum looks most like a tiger/leopard/ocelot, and it was the beginnings of the Bengal breed coloration.  Silver is actually a lack of pigment, and it most resembles a snow lynx or snow tiger in the blistery wilds.  The snows are the lighter versions of Bengal pelts.  There isn't a best pelt color, but certainly the prices vary widely.

Glitter Coat:  Most Bengal's are bred with a glitter coat, which looks just like someone has got a handful of gold glitter and sprinkled it over when they are in the sunlight. The glitter gene is prominent in every Bengal cat we breed at Exotic Bengals of San Diego. 

Bengal Pelt Pattern:  Bengal pelts can be marbled (sort of a blob like pattern) which is less desirable in Bengals (though still beautiful).  Spotted pelts, like seen below, are prevalent in every Bengal kitten litter for sale by Exotic Bengals of San Diego. We specialize in exquisite spotted Bengal cat pelts with glittery rosettes.

Bengal Pelts


Bengal Pelts: Bengal's do not have fur but instead have a pelt coat, which is a lovely soft coat that came from their wild ancestors. Bengal pelts are thick and soft, like velvet or velour. Bengals are known for the softness and unusually beautiful markings/colorings of the their coat.

Kitten fuzzies: At around six weeks the kittens will begin to get what is called the fuzzies, something else that is passed down from their ancestors providing them with a camouflage in the wild. The fuzzies is when a kitten begins to grow longer guard hairs which disguise the spots from a front view, but the beautiful markings can still be seen somewhat from behind. A Bengal kitten’s pelt will deepen over the first year continuously, even after the fuzzies have been shed.

All Bengals at Exotic Bengals of San Diego are spotted with beautiful markings, most desirable.