Kitten Anouncements

Bengal kittens for sale in San Diego, California. Newborn early generation Bengal cats and kittens

Exotic Bengal Kittens Arriving Soon!

We are proud to announce that our beautiful Tigress (lead Queen) Is pregnant with beautiful Bengal kittens! We have started a deposit/wait list. 


Several Pelt Colors Available

We offer Silver Bengal Kittens, Brown Bengal Kittens (the traditional leopard look), Charcoal Bengal Kittens (a darker look, similar to the silver Bengal), Melanistic Bengal Kittens and Blue Bengal Kittens.

Our current litter has charcoal, brown, silver and snow lynx colors!

These Bengal Kittens are only a few weeks, but their pelts are blooming into rosettes already

More Bengal Litters Coming Soon

We ensure that our mama cats (queens) aren't over bred. They have plenty of time to enjoy their litters and plenty of time to recover and enjoy just being a part of our family. I'm sure you approve, though it's hard to wait! 

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