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Bengal kittens for sale in California. Silver newborn early generation Bengal cats kittens

A Breeder With A Mission

We encourage our clients to look for the rare rescue Bengal first. We rescue when we can, and our mascot is a rescued, neutered male Bengal, named Leo. He's everything a Bengal should be!

We are TICA members, and we adhere to and support TICA's 'Voluntary Code of Ethics Policy.'  We breed a very small quantity of Bengals as a hobby, not a business.  We count on our adoptive families and word of mouth to place our precious Bengal Kittens in loving homes.  


Happy, Healthy & Very Wild Bloodline

Our breeders are from champion bloodlines, with exquisite, glittering coats.  Another thing that sets us apart is that our lead Queen has impressive filial ratings - F4, only a couple of generations from actual wild, Asian Leopard Jungle Cats!  They truly are lap leopards.

Our kittens are not like domestic tabbies!  Their exotic pelts are as stunning as their playfulness and intelligence.  Our Bengal kittens come in every Bengal pelt color, though we specialize in silver Bengal kittens. Come visit to see why they are called lap leopards.

Silver Bengal Kitten is an early generation Bengal cat with champion Bengal cat background

A Furever Friend

We don't just screen for health issues, we prevent them because we are a small, home, boutique cattery.   Every cat and kitten lives in our home, underfoot, not in a cage .  Our Bengal kittens are well socialized to cats, dogs, children and guests. In the Bengal world, that makes a big difference because their wild side can come out in spades otherwise.

Contact Us About Our Bengal Kittens


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Reserve Your Bengal Kitten

Our Bengal Kitten babies are adopted quickly, so reach out to reserve your furever Bengal Kitten or to ask any questions. 

Exotic Bengals of San Diego

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