Exotic Bengal Cats

What is a Bengal Cat?

Silver Bengals have a distinctive silver and charcoal pelt. Bengal cats are beautiful.

Bengals come from crossbreeding a wild Asian Leopard Cat & a domestic cat.  Our litters are literally tiny tigers.

Bengals really are wild...

Bengal kittens are not just pretty kitties. They truly are lap leopards. Once you have a Bengal...

Bengal cats are different from other domesticated cat breeds.  If you adopt a Bengal kitten, your life will never be the same! You'll never look back...

Bengal Cat Generations

Exotic Bengals of San Diego sells sweet, Bengal Kittens in California.

The first generation litter from a cross with a pure Asian Leopard Cat is an F1. An F2 is the second generation, and so forth. Anything >F4 is an SBT.

Bengals are quirky and spunky

Bengal cats and Bengal kittens are  spunky and wild. Exotic Bengals of San Diego sells Bengal Kitten

Bengal cats have a spunky nature, so you want a Bengal Kitten to have been bottle fed and hand held in a small, home cattery if possible.

Always Rescue Bengals First!

Exotic Bengals of San Diego's lead Queen, Tigress.  Her Bengal kittens are adorable, sweet & fun.

It's very hard to find a rescue Bengal cat, because they are so highly sought after. If you do, bring that Bengal home!  Rescue first!

Some Bengal Characteristics

Bengal cats and kittens get their coat from their not distant relatives, the Asian Leopard Cat.

Bengals are HIGHLY intelligent and act much more like a dog than a cat.  They have an excellent memory and can often open lids/gates. Bengals love water and Bengal cat antics are legendary.