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Bengal Queen with her beautiful Bengal Kittens. Bengal kittens for sale San Diego, California

Quality Bengal Kittens Are Never Cheap, but we offer competitive pricing

There are some very valuable items that go along with a quality Bengal cat/kitten, that easily justify their prices.

A Quality Bengal Kitten Breeder Provides:

· Quality nutrition for parents & Bengal kittens

· Proper housing (a home, not a cage)

· Disease prevention protocols

· Health tests as mentioned above

· Preventive treatments for internal parasites

· Prevention protocols for diseases carried by other animals

· Top quality vaccinations

· TICA Registration paperwork 

· Socialization, including frequent handling and bottle feeding

· Exposure and familiarization to other cats and dogs

Exotic Bengals of San Diego offers Bengal kitten pricing that includes all of this.

A Small Deposit Will Hold Your Bengal Kitten

Though the price of a Bengal kitten may increase as the markings blossom, the price of your kitten is never increased once you place a deposit on your kitten.   

Peace of Mind

You can be assured that you are getting a high-quality, healthy and well-socialized Bengal kitten, from show-quality, pure-bred, healthy & happy Bengal parents - raised in an environment you can be proud to support and recommend.